Three’s A Crowd

Three's A Crowd is a live performing rock band based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The band was founded in June 2012 as a three piece, with Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Guitar. All players sing original songs written by the band members themselves.  The bands repertoire is currently 90 minutes of original material.  Recording at Emerald Studios, an E.P. is in progress with release dates of four songs envisaged for April 2015.The band excites and exhilarates their audience at every show with professional and high-energy delivery to the traditional standard of solid Rock Music.  Their unique and original 3-piece sound will take you by surprise and amaze you for every song.

The band has continually improved live performance and delivered new material at shows with packed houses, ranging from the Fringe Bar to Misty Mountain Hop, Wairarapa Summer Rally, including; Lovelands, Cavern Club, and the Angus Inn.

Kyle Chaney: Drums / Backing Vocals

Jon Tait: Guitars / Lead Vocals

Steve Haenga Taylor: Bass / Backing Vocals





 See more video's of our performances HERE