Taniwha Bassline
Holding residencies at the hottest spots in Wellington and supporting acts such as Flux Pavillion, Nero, Zomboy, Skism, TC, Roksonix, Wilkinson, Mobscene, 16bit, Light Year, Dirty Needlez, Freeland, Trolleysnatcher, Calvertron, P Digsss, Shockone, Grouch, Tetrameth, Shadow FX, Cookie Monsta, Doctor P, Funtcase, Slum Dogz, Dizzee Rascal, Downlink, Bare Noize, Gemini, Eddie K, Bass Nectar, Basshunter, Steve Hill, Defective Audio, The Upbeats, North Shore Pony Club, Borgore, Vandalism, Klass, Mobin Masters, Distorted Minds, Tom Piper, Dead Prez, Mount Eden, Optimus Gryme, Kill the noise, Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve, Djedotronic, Mightyfools, State of mind, Dick Johnson, Filth Collins, Tiki Taane, Northie, Aural Trash, Rossco, Chasing Shadows, Bare Noize, Wonk, Inspector Dubplate, Eddie K, PNC, Scribe, Young Sid, David Dallas, Goodwill, Sam la more, Bang Gang, Antix and so many more they cant remember right now, you know what it is!

Genres are over rated. Too many people stick to one thing. Maybe two things. But how can you call yourself a DJ if you cant jock any disk? Taniwha Bassline pride themselves in keeping it real, and playing anything and everything under the sun. You wont find one or two genres here. No, my friend, you will find a whole lot. In fact, your grandmother would probably enjoy them as much you do. Vinyl, CDJ's, keyboards, mic's, FX units, everyfuckinthing. Rocking parties all across the country with an intelligent assortment of tracks, including interesting originals of their own, Taniwha Bassline is taking this year seriously. Maybe not as serious as you. Either way, expect big!

Genre: Moomba core slut funk rave step

DJ Shan (Wellington)
Rollout (Wellington)
OB Fuscate (Wellington)
Rapp scallion (Wellington)
Marze (Melbourne)


Contact: therollout@gmail.com