The Misty Mountain Hop team would like to acknowledge the help and support received from the following organisations and individuals.

Please pass on the goodwill by promoting and supporting them. Our local music festival simply could not happen without them.

Hutt City Council – Rebecca Stead & James Lamb

Fine Touch Catering – Lance Hotton

Think Tank Plumbing – Jason Hotton

Illustrious Design – Gordon MacDonald

Website & Graphic Design – Amanda High

Lynchmob Stage Management – Ray Lynch

Arrow Business Consultants – Ben Archer

Century 21 Real Estate – Josh Millan

Chris Burks Photography – Chris Burks

Audience Design – David Hughes

General Metal Recyclers – Julian O’Connell

Smart Arts – Antony Maddock

Rocket Rentals – David Morrison

Zip Plumbing, Petone – Dave Morris & Shane Hodge

Thumbprint – Steve Dawson

United Video, Lower Hutt – Surash Madhav

Wonderland Records – Kevin Shaw

B Gifted – Sam Maddock